Sunday, 31 October 2010

Photographs of Amiens

I spent a week in the Pas de Calais in July this year, exploring the countryside and local towns with a brace of cameras.

The holiday also saw the debut of my vintage Diana camera and I was pretty pleased with some of the results I got. I will post the results of this trip over a series of galleries (Agincourt was the first).

These images were taken in the city of Amiens, site of the bloody battle in the Great War- both were shot with my Holga.

You can see the full gallery by clicking on photographs of Amiens.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010


On St Crispins Day in 1415 an army of approximately 36,000 Frenchmen, including most of their nobility - the cream of France, faced an army of 8,000 starving Englishmen most of whom were ill with dysentery. There could only be one outcome of such a one-sided confrontation and by the end of the day, the English were celebrating one of England's most famous victories - the utter rout of the French army at the battle of Agincourt.

The battlefield is found near the village of Azincourt and this photograph was taken with my Holga loaded with Shanghai GP3. Click on Agincourt landscape photography to see the full gallery.