Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pinhole Photography: Biscuit Tin Camera

I have flirted with pinhole photography for a while now and one of the great joys of this photographic genre is it's simplicity and the fact that you can make the cameras yourself. I have already made a paper pinhole Lomo but decided that I had to give large format a try.

I therefore decided to make a pinhole camera from two biscuit tins I had lying around in the kitchen. You can find out exactly how I converted two such innocuous items into weapons of mass artistic expression be clicking on pinhole photography.

These are the first two images produced:

All in all I'd say the results are pretty impressive for a first time effort. I used simple household items to create these cameras which are about as hi tech and precision built as a piece of flint.

Sadly I haven't had time to take more photos withe the cameras, though I intend to - I have also had a couple of attempts at solargraphy, but that will be the subject of a different post.

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