Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Pinhole Photography: Biscuit Tin Camera

I have flirted with pinhole photography for a while now and one of the great joys of this photographic genre is it's simplicity and the fact that you can make the cameras yourself. I have already made a paper pinhole Lomo but decided that I had to give large format a try.

I therefore decided to make a pinhole camera from two biscuit tins I had lying around in the kitchen. You can find out exactly how I converted two such innocuous items into weapons of mass artistic expression be clicking on pinhole photography.

These are the first two images produced:

All in all I'd say the results are pretty impressive for a first time effort. I used simple household items to create these cameras which are about as hi tech and precision built as a piece of flint.

Sadly I haven't had time to take more photos withe the cameras, though I intend to - I have also had a couple of attempts at solargraphy, but that will be the subject of a different post.

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pj finn said...

Very impressive indeed. Beautifully done. Too many of us are caught up in the chase for the latest and greatest technological marvels. Too few of us have explored the possibilities inherent in the simplest cameras. I will link, I do like, and I will follow -- can't help you with the money and beer though.


charles binns said...

That's good enough for me!! Thanks for your comment.

robynthepaperboy said...

the second image has beautiful vignette.nice experiments.

Harry Hilders said...

Nice work. I will try that at home :)