Friday, 30 May 2008


These photos are taken from a recent tip to Brighton on England's south coast. The photos are OK - I was hoping to shoot some super8 film with my new camera - but the batteries had run down - doh!! I thought there were still charged from a previous outing the week before and it's a shame because the light was nice and bright - ideal for the high contrast film. Anyway, I had to resort to normal digital photography and the results were not to bad - I'd love to go back in winter to shoot a stormy sea.

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Landscape Photography

A photograph taken from the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia

An old photo I shot during a trip to Cornwall. I will be publishing more photos from that trip over the coming weeks. They were taken whilst I was learning to develop prints in the dark room - this one was developed in my spare bedroom originally. Years later I grew tired of spending my Sunday afternoons in a darkened room and invested in a PC and a scanner - so now my Sunday afternoons can be spent hunched over a computer!.

Thie above photo was taken during a holiday in Corsica traversing the infamous Haute Route de Corse. I had just invested in a second hand Mamiya C330 and decided to lug it and a tripod spare lens etc, over one of the hardest treks in Europe. Not one of my wiser ideas but this is one of my favourite shots. The view was spectacular and almost lunar.

An early landscape photograph of the famous dam at Derwent Water in the Derbyshire Peak District during a mountain biking trip.

I took this photo of autumn trees in fog in the Adams wood near the village of Fingest in Buckinghamshire. The photo is one of some old shots that I am posting on my website in galleries dedicated to landscape photography. I will post more shortly.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Hever Castle

Below are some photos I took during a recent visit to Hever Castle. The weather was typical of an English spring day - it was pouring down with rain most of the day - and so the colour shots were flat and lifeless. Converted to black and white in photoshop and given the subtlest of tints, they look better but I am not sure this is my favourite gallery. Partly because of the weather I suppose. but also I wasn't there long enough to get some really good shots.

I do like to shot of the moat though - it looks like an old fashioned example of landscape photography.

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Avebury & the Ridgeway

I have just published this gallery on my website so please take a look for more images.

The ridgeway is the oldest road in Northern Europe (about 5,000 years old) and passes through some spectacular scenery. It ends at Avebury - a pretty Wiltshire village surrounded by Europe's largest stone circle. Forget about Stonehenge which is now a tourist trap - Avebury is far more beautiful and mysterious and is well worht a visit.

I know the Ridgeway well as I grew up near it and spent many a day mountain biking along sections of it, and photographing it. The images shown below are some examples but I have many more that I will up load when I get the chance.


Friday, 2 May 2008


As this is a photo blog, I will publish some of my work each week. This week, the photos were all taken during a trip to , which I took some 7 or 8 years ago. The photos were all taken with my Nikon F3 using either Ilford PanF for black and white or Fuji Provia 100 slide film for the colour shots. You can see more photos at my web site

This photo was taken at a watering hole in Etosha National Park - it was amazing to see so many animals together, but the elephants were a little irritable!
I love this shot of a line of four ostriches (the lead bird is hidden from view) walking past a small group of Zebra.
Some highly unpleasant characters butchering an elephant carcass (F*$&!!!s)
A rather lonely looking oryx.

This is a photo of some trees in the Namib desert.  I like the image because it has an old fashioned air about it  - as if it had been taken with an old  brownie box camera.  the tree branches are quite feathery and form an arch through which the background is seen.

The shot above is of some dead trees in the aptly named Dead Vlai in the Namib desert.

On  a totally different note my brand new second hand(!) Braun Nizio arrived this week so I can't wait to try it out this week end!! I'll post the results as soon as I get them.  Drop me a line if you like my work -  or if you hate it for that matter!.