Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Landscape Photography

A photograph taken from the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, Australia

An old photo I shot during a trip to Cornwall. I will be publishing more photos from that trip over the coming weeks. They were taken whilst I was learning to develop prints in the dark room - this one was developed in my spare bedroom originally. Years later I grew tired of spending my Sunday afternoons in a darkened room and invested in a PC and a scanner - so now my Sunday afternoons can be spent hunched over a computer!.

Thie above photo was taken during a holiday in Corsica traversing the infamous Haute Route de Corse. I had just invested in a second hand Mamiya C330 and decided to lug it and a tripod spare lens etc, over one of the hardest treks in Europe. Not one of my wiser ideas but this is one of my favourite shots. The view was spectacular and almost lunar.

An early landscape photograph of the famous dam at Derwent Water in the Derbyshire Peak District during a mountain biking trip.

I took this photo of autumn trees in fog in the Adams wood near the village of Fingest in Buckinghamshire. The photo is one of some old shots that I am posting on my website in galleries dedicated to landscape photography. I will post more shortly.

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