Saturday, 7 June 2008


These photographs represent some of my earliest attempts at macrophotography - the kit I used was my Nikon F3 with a macro lens and a set of Jessops extension tubes (why spend £300 on Nikon's own when the Jessops tubes were about £30?), my Manfrotto tripod, a Nikon sb 17 flash unit and cable release unit. When I started I read alot of articles about how to calculate flash strength etc., etc., to be honest, I shot everything at f22 with the flash set on auto and the shots seemed to come out fine using Fuji Provia 100 film.

Since these photos were taken I have stopped using film so much and have started using a Sony DSC T7 which has an excellent macro function. You can see some of my digital macro efforts by clicking here - whilst the results are not at all bad considering most of them use only natural light and are handheld, they do lack something that you can only get from a DSLR and so I am planning to purchase a Nikon D80 shortly. This will then get me firmly back into some serious macro work. I will publish new shots as and when I upload new galleries onto my website.

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