Tuesday, 9 February 2010


I went to Namibia almost ten years ago and this shot was taken using my Nikon F3 loaded with Provia 100F in the days before I had heard of Holgas, lomography and cross processing.

Anyway, I have this week end to myself so am planning to spend it taking more photos and developing the twenty or so films I have still to process before jetting off to Colombia on Monday. That should mean I have more to post over the coming weeks.

It is a hard job but somebody's gotta do it! You can find the gallery of Namibian photos here.


em_102 said...

Beautiful - it must be amazing to see animals like that in their natural habitat!

Carol Mikkelson said...

I wish the somebody who had to do it was me. Columbia sounds warmer than where I am right now. Hope you get some good shots!