Sunday, 16 January 2011

Parc du Marquenterre

The Parc de Marquenterre is a bird sanctuary located in the Somme Estuary in Northern France. The park attracts millions of migratory birds every year who come to feed in the mud flats of the estuary and, in turn, the birds attract thousands of bird watchers. I visited the park in July this year, attracted by the tranquil landscapes and clutching my holga.

One of the qualities I love about the holga is that the simple plastic lens often produces images that look like oil paintings. The image of the swans has the feel of a nineteenth century landscape painting (at least to me any way) which is exactly the result I wanted to bring to this particular image.

I liked the way the light reflected off the water in the first image - hence it's inclusion here.

Click on the link to see more landscape photography of the Parc du Marqenterre.

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