Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The Photon Camera

Recently purchased on Ebay - a plastic 6x6 Diana type camera.

The body is plastic and made in Hong Kong, I'm not sure whether the lens is plastic or glass - though somehow I suspect it's the former! The "superior" lens has three aperture settings and a shutter speed of supposedly 1/50s. If you look closely below you will see that the rim of the lens is set at a jaunty angle against the lens body
Anyway, the film winding pin had no flanges which would normally fit into the film spools so it was at first impossible to wind the film on. This problem was solved by heating a paper clip and pushing it through the pin and then cutting it to size. Once this was done, the camera was loaded with Ilford Delta 3200 and off I went to the water meadow by the River Lea at Broxbourne. The results are promising, this is a toy camera to treasure! There is also a good amount of tension in the take up spool so that you don't get fat rolls as sometimes happens in the Diana. Another plus.
Anyway, the Photon I took the Photon to Toledo & Segovia over Christmas and I'll post these results soon.

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David C. said...

Nothing like a lens at a jaunty angle to produce interesting pictures. Good save with the paper-clip repair!