Sunday, 1 July 2012

A Dutch Masterpiece

Mention Holland and most people think of canals, windmills, rubbery cheese and a relaxed attitude to soft drugs & prostitution. However, Holland is also famous for it's cyclist friendly flat landscapes as well as it's landscape artists. Less well known is the fact that Holland's Van Nicholson manufacture some of the finest bicycles in the world (albeit the frames are made in China). And here is one - the frame crafted from Titanium, carbon forks, Sram rival chainset and brakes, the Van Nicholson Zephyr is a light as a feather and a dream to ride. She also climbs hills like a breeze, which as handy as I have to ride her up the Passo della Stelvio, Mortirolo, Umbrail & three other climbs from the Giro d'Italia in a couple of months. This really is a Dutch masterpiece and the best thing about this particular work of art is that it is mine! Nobody cut their ear off to make this machine and she's all the more beautiful because of it.