Friday, 23 November 2012

The Olympic Village

I have just published my first Blurb book.

The Olympic Village is a record of my experiences before and during the 20012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games. The book is not a comprehensive record of this unique event but a personal narrative of those weeks this summer. The images re all multiple exposures shot with a Holga 135BC. The technique of shooting multiple exposures creates an image that is abstract and sometimes fractured and where detail is subordinate to form and colour. So it is with memories which are not pin sharp, focused photographs but are abstract pictures, often consisting of several mental images superimposed on each other. This was the effect I wanted to recreate in this project. I wanted to capture the colour and carnival atmosphere the thousands of people coming together for this one in a lifetime experience, rather than individual faces or scenes.

You can find the book here: The Olympic Village

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