Friday, 15 January 2010

Pinhole Landscapes

These three landscape photographs were taken on the same day as the photo in my last post. The first two are of the River Lea near Cheshunt and the last one is of Bowyers Water, a gravel pit near by.

Using the Holga 120 wpc pinhole makes me realise what it is I love about photography. It's not so much about the photographic process as about seeing the landscape. These photos needed 8 or 16 second exposures and gave me, the photographer, the chance to really see the landscape and appreciate it's beauty. The camera seems to drink in the view and absorb the atmosphere and so did I whilst making the exposures. That is not something that you can do with your face stuck to the back of a DSLR, worrying about white balance, etc.

I enjoy photography because I enjoy seeing and that is what these simple cameras allow me to do.

Hope you like the photos, here's a link to the gallery of landscape photographs on my website, I'll post a couple more soon. Feel free to comment, follow or swap links.

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Toy Camera Play said...

Wonderful series! Beautiful.