Tuesday, 26 January 2010

The Travelling Toy Camera Project

I recently joined the The Travelling Toy Camera Project. Organised by one of the members of the Toycamera.com forum the project involves sending a toy camera around the world via all the participants who will keep the camera for a week, shoot a roll of 24 exposures before sending it on to the next member of the chain.

The camera in question is a Vivitar Ultra Wide & Slim, a wide angle 35 mm point and shoot which gives panoramic shots. being the Wandering Holga I could hardly not join in and so I look forward to receiving the camera in due course.

I have a stack load of Kodak TriX films in my freezer just waiting to be shot and I will post the results in due course.

It looks like the project is going to be a lot of fun.

Admiral's Walk Lake, Broxbourne, Herts. Taken on a frosty morning with my Holga loaded with expired Ektachrome EPP100, xpro'd.

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em_102 said...

I'm definitely excited for this project too. Can't wait to see what you will photograph!