Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Champagne Region in France with my Holga

I've been neglecting this blog for too long - I'm not really a writer/blogger and anyway I spend too much time working and out and about with my cameras. Since I started this blog I have made one major, photography-life changing discovery and that is the Holga camera. I could wax lyrical about the camera and I probably will but for now, here are some samples from a recent trip.

Last August bank holiday, my wife and I sped down to Etoges in the Champagne region of France in our new convertible. Etoges is a charming little village (photographed above) with an even more delightful chateau, where we stayed. The image above was taken with Kodak Ektachrome EPP100 which was then cross processed. The shot needed abit of processing on Photoshop (mainly toning down the Highlights) before it became useable, but I like the rich colours of the above shot.
This landscape photograph was taken on the last day of the trip when the weather started to turn a little nasty. I think it catches the vivid grey sky nicely against the brown earth and the solitary tree adds abit of interest.
The charming chateau at Etoges shown with the church spire in the background. Shot on Kodak Portra 400NC. I chose the shot because of the way the clouds seem to reach out to the corners of the picture.
Finally the fabulous chateau at Montmort St Lucy. What a place and what a village. Especially recommended is the Cheval Blanc, a typical French restaurant/bar in the village. I had one of the best dinners ever there.

The full gallery of travel photos from Champagne can be found clicking the link

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