Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Paris Hilton Papped in Oaxaca!!!!

OK....just a joke!! I met Paris (as I like to call her) sat patiently inside a craft shop in the Mexican city of Oaxaca. Being a closet paparazzi I couldn't help but grab my Holga and take a shot of her. The Holga was loaded with some very old Kodak Tri X I bought on ebay and for some strange reason, a few of the rolls I processed come out covered with black spots where the emulsion has degraded. Not sure why this happens as some rolls came out perfectly, but I like the effect. Anyway, I took the shot, she told me I was her new BFF and I sold the image to the Sun (if only).

Later on during the trip we visited Mitla during the Mexican Independence day celebrations. I managed to get the following shot of some children which I liked - the cross processed Ektachrome EPP gives the image a nice saturated film and I managed to catch the eye of one of the girls who looked straight at the camera.
Far sweeter than Paris!

Finally a landscape photograph of Monte Alban, the Zapotec capital city. Taken with HP5+, the image is of the observatory seen from one of the main pyramids.

Check out the full set of travel photographs by following the link.

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