Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The River Lea with my Lomo LCA

The thing I love about my Lomo LCA is that it is small and easy to carry, either in my briefcase during a business trip or in my cycle shirt pocket. The photos were all taken during walks and rides along the River Lea and River Stort near my home in Broxbourne. All these landscapes were shot with my Lomo LCA which I would whip out when I saw something I liked. The film I used was Provia 100F which I cross processed.

Some time ago I bought a 10 roll pack of Provia 100F and I've still got three films left....I just can't seem to finish the pack for some reason. I must admit to being a little disappointed with Provia - when cross processed the images have a greenish tinge which I am not fond of. This can be cured in Photoshop but I much prefer cross processed Ektachrome EPP. I like the results you get from Provia when processed using the E6 process (as it should be) but I found doing this at home results in a magenta colour shift - may be I should pay a lab to develop the film for me but I am much too tight for that!

I cross process all my slide film at home these days using a C41 1 litre kit from Tetenal and a Jobo water tank to keep the temperature steady. The kits are very easy to use - I don't know why people get so nervous about colour developing at home. The key thing is to keep the temperature steady (which the water tank does) and to be precise with timings. I also find the results are on the whole much more interesting.

Anyway, the full set of landscape photos can be found by clicking on the link.

I like this shot of a canal boat travelling up the River Lea just past Hoddesdon. I wanted the photo to look like a nineteenth century painting. And I almost think I succeeded.

I think this photo shows off cross processing well - the sky is nice and contrasty behind the pylon.

You can't beat a railway bridge when it comes to Lomography!

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Trevor said...

That first shot is stunning!