Friday, 18 December 2009

Autumn in Epping Forest

At the beginning of November, I went down to Epping Forest with my Holgas to shoot the multi-coloured leaves on the trees. I had the luck to visit on a beautiful, bright morning and caught the trees in the height of their autumn glory.

I managed to spend a couple of very pleasant hours wandering through the forest taking photos surrounded by every shade of red, yellow, brown and gold imaginable. I took 6 or 7 rolls of Portra 160 NC and 400NC. Unfortunately, the shadows were just a little too dark and so most of the photos I took were unusable. Any way, at least a couple of the landscape photos I took turned out alright and the ones I like the most are below:
Actually the above image was taken with Kodak Ektachrome EPP which I then crossed processed. Ektachrome gives bright, clean colours when xpro'd - I bought 50 rolls of expired Ektachrome about a year ago and I have about fifteen left - it's one of the best film purchases I've made. Another great buy was the 30 rolls of expired Portra 160 and 400NC I bought off a Canadian bloke on Ebay. I'll have to list my favourite films on another post.

Anyway; back to Epping Forest:
This second photo is one of the few that managed to capture the colours of the trees without being shadows blacking out half the trees.
This last photo really shows how Portra captures vibrant, rich colours from the red holly berries to the turquoise sky.

Since I visited Epping Forest winter has set in and I find myself just using black and white to better capture the mood of winter. More of that to come.

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