Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Broxbourne Woods and the Holga Wide Lens

The day after I visited Amwell Nature Reserve, I went down to Broxbourne Woods Nature Reserve clutching my Holga and my Tele and Wide lenses. The light was pretty poor so I left my colour films in the car and grabbed a handful of black & white film and headed into the woods.

The two images below are three of the best shots from that day (follow the link to see the the rest of the B&W landscape photographs).

The first is taken with the Holga's normal lens.
The second with the Tele Lens:
Note the exaggerated vignetting - it sort of works with this tunnel like image but in general I'm not a huge fan.

Finally an image taken with the wide lens

The results with the wide lens are better than those using the tele lens - but in many cases the vignetting seems to be off centre which make most of the photos I took with this lens look badly cropped and that's something I don't like.

These photos are part of my ongoing project to document the countryside around Broxbourne and the Lea Valley Regional Park.