Thursday, 31 December 2009

New Years Eve

So, another year over and God knows how many rolls of film I've shot or cameras I've purchased. I've still not made my fortune but there's always next year so who knows.

So what have I got to look forward to in 2010? Here's a list of items on their way to me at this moment:

8 rolls of 110 Fuji Superia 200
5 rolls of 110 Kodak Ultra 400
Both the above bought for the Superhedz Demekin my wife got me for Christmas.
10 rolls of Kodak Ektachrome EPY 64T 120mm Expired Film
10 rolls Fuji Provia 400X 120 Slide Film
Holga Macro Lens Set MLS-1
Holga Close Up Lens Set
Kiev 60
2 bottles Woodlock Oil (for my shoulder)

Trips planned for next year

Marrakesh (next week end!)
Budapest at Easter
A wedding in Cartagena de las Indias in Colombia in February
Madrid (for work)
Lisbon (for work)

So as you can see I will be doing a fair bit of wandering next year.

Finally below is a photo I took with my Lomo LCA loaded with Ilford Delta 400. I was out cycling along the River Lea in October on a fairly unpleasant day but this scene caught my eye.

The image is abit dark and the cyclist on the path to the left is half obscured in shadow but it is an atmospheric shot nonetheless.

On that note HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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