Thursday, 24 December 2009

Lisbon with my Lomo LCA

I get to go to Lisbon three or four times a year with work and when I have to stay overnight, rather than get the earliest flight out and the latest one back, I always take my Lomo LCA with me and go out for a wander first thing in the morning. These were taken one sunny morning in October with expired Ilford Delta 400.

The Lomo gives mixed results - quite often images are over exposed or half covered in random light likes. Unlike other aficionados of toy cameras I don't like light leaks. I also don't like sprockets - sorry but I don't and I know that makes me unusual amongst the Lomograpy community, though that's a topic for a different post.

Getting back to Lisbon and my Lomo LCA, these were two of my favourite images. When Lomo works it shows what a great little camera it is, though it can be frustrating at times. Both images were taken near the city centre. You can see the full gallery by clicking on Lisbon.

Finally it's Christmas Eve so Merry Christmas! This has been a very un Christmas like post and I actually spent the morning out taking landscapes of the snow covered countryside but I have got such a back load of images to process that I probably won't publish those til June.

Please feel free to comment on any image or swap links with me!


Fat Fingers said...

Love the Holga shots! Well done. I've tried replying your email but somehow all of them got bounced back. Strange. Anyway, I've added your URL to my links. Cheers!

Andrew aka ndroo

charles binns said...

Thanks Andrew. I've posted yours now.